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Cars are valuable modes of transportation for many people, providing them with the freedom, mobility, and means to get where they need to go. They are also representations of their owners’ hard-earned lifestyles. An unfortunate accident can be a painful experience for a car owner. Finding the right repair facility or auto body and collision center with your preferred Albuquerque mechanics is key, and always your prerogative. Restoring a car to a safe, roadworthy, and aesthetically pleasing condition never has to be a headache that takes forever. All you need is a good service, like Discount Towing & Collision Repair, which is considered by its customers as one of the best auto body shops in Albuquerque and that is committed to proper processes and full customer satisfaction.


Transporting the car to the shop

Discount Towing & Collision Repair offers towing services for all types of vehicles in Albuquerque. In the event you should not attempt to drive your car, it’s important to find a trusted service that will not damage your car during transportation and will charge fair Albuquerque towing prices. We can pick your car up from your home, another location, or the actual site of the incident to take it to our shop for the next steps. You won’t need to look for additional Albuquerque car paint shops and mechanic shops in Albuquerque since Discount Towing & Collision Repair is a one-stop transport, auto body, and collision center.


Inspection of the damage

Our auto body shop in Albuquerque will thoroughly inspect the vehicle to determine what can be repaired and what must be replaced. The Discount Towing & Collision Repair shop is certified following rigorous I-CAR Gold Class standards, ensuring that our technicians are true experts in their fields. The inspection process, which entails some disassembly, will look beyond obviously apparent blemishes that warrant dent repair in Albuquerque to find any hidden damages that others may overlook. A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that all issues are addressed in order to return the car as close to its pre-accident state as possible, oftentimes to an even better condition.


Estimate and insurance claim

The inspection process will expose all damages seen or unseen and our Albuquerque mechanics will come up with an estimate for repair costs. Through coordination offered by Discount Towing & Collision Repair, your insurance company will then determine what it can cover based on your policy. Sometimes in severe cases and under a comprehensive insurance policy, a car can even be declared totaled if the costs come very close to or exceed the inherent value of the car. After sorting out those financial details, the car will be ready to undergo restoration and auto body repair in Albuquerque.

Repair and refurbishing

Discount Towing & Collision Repair uses the latest, updated technologies in auto repair. From windshield replacement and fixing fender benders to repairing suspension and reshaping crumpled auto bodies, our I-CAR Gold Class accredited shop will address all issues to return the car back to prime condition. Our expert auto repair shop in Albuquerque will ensure that everything fits and is properly aligned so your car looks and drives like it has never gotten into an accident. In more serious incidents, other important components can be adversely affected. We have a three-dimensional measuring system that will find and address any structural damage to a chassis if it has been compromised. This attention to detail makes us one of the best mechanic shops in Albuquerque.


Test drive and completion

After repairs are complete, your vehicle will be professionally driven to confirm that everything works and the car is safe to drive. Our staff is very mechanically sensitive and will be able to pinpoint nuances no matter how small. The test drive will help us find anything that needs to be further tweaked or refined. After our final assessments, you will be notified when you can pick up your car and drive off with peace of mind. Rest assured that your car was refurbished with great care by I-CAR Gold Class professionals at the best auto repair of Albuquerque.

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