As a Gold Class-certified auto repair shop, we can easily assess the collision damage your car has sustained. Our auto technicians have been trained to spot things you could miss. We are able to identify subtle signs of hidden damage, do an estimate of what can be repaired and what needs replacement, as well as inspect and repair damaged seat belts and air bags.

  • The I-CAR Gold Class accreditation means that our car body shop is the best possible solution for damaged vehicles. We understand your safety comes first, which is why we have worked to ensure our vehicle repair estimates are always accurate and spot-on!
  • We extend a firm guarantee your trust in us won’t ever backfire. Our efforts are aimed at earning your lifelong trust, and our credentials testify to the fact that our customer services are 100% sound and reliable.

Through our assurance of customer service, you get the following:

  • Top standards for vehicle repair with the strictest business ethics
  • Courteous and professional treatment by our team of car mechanics
  • Written auto repair estimates issued in advance; plus, we’ll provide additional estimates if further hidden damage is identified.
  • Fresh automobile detailing that will blend in well with your car’s previous finish.
  • A hygienic and professional environment where your car will be restored to its pre-collision condition.

When you bring your impaired vehicle to our collision repair shop, we take care of each and every detail on your behalf. We use the latest in automotive technology and employ a team of skilled and experienced auto mechanics. Our mechanics know the ins and outs of vehicle repair and can make sure your car is ready to hit the road as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on our efforts in doing a good job the very first time. Our customer services are geared primarily towards ensuring your satisfaction, which is a commitment we always stand by!