Discount Towing & Collision specializes in expert automotive transport around New Mexico. Since our establishment in 1994, we have grown to become one of the largest towing companies in the region with an impressive fleet of tow trucks, haulers, and wreckers. With an operational area spanning the entire state, we offer safe and efficient vehicular transport services that are quick and conducted by highly experienced professionals. Whether you are moving from one location to another within the state, have been stranded due to an accident or mechanical malfunction, or have just purchased several cars, we can provide ideal solutions to your needs in regard to vehicle transport.

Discount Towing & Collision has a motor pool of 13 tow trucks, 3 4-car haulers, 1 4×4 wrecker, and 1 extended cab wrecker. This allows us to move numerous vehicles for multiple customers at any given point with ease. All of our flatbeds are low clearance with the additional ability to transport cars with lowered ride heights. The conveyance of your vehicles is made swift, affordable, and reliable with us. Our rates are highly competitive and our expert personnel come to your aid with years of professional experience. Rest assured that your vehicles are in good hands. We offer quick vehicle transport without hassle and, most importantly, free of damage. Our drivers provide excellent and methodical assistance while taking utmost care in guaranteeing that your vehicle’s will make the journey without incident.

When choosing the right towing company for you, we understand there are criteria and considerations to make. That is why we pride ourselves in our lightning fast response time, careful handling, equipment expertise, and cost-effective efficiency. Discount Towing & Collision operates from our head office in Albuquerque. We can respond in 20 minutes and can transfer your vehicle(s) from point A to point B, anywhere within the state of New Mexico in as little as 1 day. Our employees are polite, vigilant, and experienced professionals ready to fulfill your requirements and requests. Discount Towing & Collision’s statewide services are available around the clock, all year, 24/7 with an ample fleet of haulers and the right tools for the job.